Goodbye to Sargasso in Cancun

The blue turquoise return

  • Much has been said about the sargasso that has arrived at the beaches of Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, that is, the Mexican Caribbean. It is a phenomenon that not only surprises tourists but all of us who live in the area, because for a moment our blue sea becomes a different color than we are not used to. After the excess of sargasso in the Mexican Caribbean, the government of Quintana Roo headed by Carlos Joaquín, through the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment, will put structures against sargasso in strategic points to protect and safeguard the beaches affected by this macroalgae.

For a few years, around 2014, the sargasso began to reach Quintana Roo and has been increasing. The causes can be several, some specialists mainly mention the following:

  • Sea temperature increase due to global warming.
  • The pollution of the sea, caused by human waste from the poor management of the sewage, which increases the nutrients that are an incentive for the growth of the algae.

Look at the beaches of Cancun today!

Hands to work

So far different actions have been carried out on the coasts of Quintana Roo:

  • Cleaning of beaches by hand (workers and volunteers have participated in such cleanings)
  • Cleaning with specialized machinery
  • Recently, floating containment barriers have been placed to prevent the sargasso from reaching the shore and being able to retain it, this without affecting marine species.
  • Small special boats for the collection of sargasso will be working in the sea
  • Specialists and researchers are analyzing the best options to reuse the sargasso and give it a good use, in addition to finding all possible alternatives to deal with the issue.

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